Wakeya "Keya" Henry

CEO & Wine Specialist

Keya has a great understanding and love for wine.  With an exciting background in event planning, she organized countless corporate, office, private and social events. Her vision for this business is to merge her experience in event planning with her love for wine to present the world with a unique, enjoyable and memorable wine experience from the amazing terriors of the world.  To enhance her craft and knowledge of wine and provide her clients with top quality services, Keya is actively obtaining additional wine certifications to becoming a Sommelier.


Executive WineTender/Bartender

"The Boss" Keila is a skilled Winetender in charge of the steady flow and coordination behind the bar to ensure quality service to guests.  She has several years of experience in the Hospitality industry working in many top restaurants and bars as Hostess and Waitstaff.  She has a genuine love for people and goal to keep guests satisfied.  Keila is also a Child Behavior Specialist and Model. 

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Executive WineTender/Bartender

"The Wit"  Kay is a technical Winetender with great knowledge of beverage services.  When serving behind the bar, she brings her charming and jovial personality that keep the air filled with laughter.  She has a natural niche for running the bar and wine serving and ensures that all guests are provided quality, professional service. Kay studied Culinary Arts and worked in the hospitality field for a period of time.  She is also a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist.



"The Shaker"  Ellen is a skilled Winetender who keeps the bar on fast track, swiftly and accurately taking orders and keeping guests happy.  She has several years of experience in the Hospitality industry working in many top restaurants and bars as Hostess and Waitstaff.  She is a natural winner behind the bar and enjoys the service of wine.  Ellen also works as relief Teacher and studies Computer Technology.  

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"The Mover"  Tavon is a the brains behind the bar.  He is a skilled Winetender who is mindful of keeping the flow of serving guests while maintaining the Bar in upright condition.  He has a wealth of experience in the Hospitality industry, working several years in known restaurants as a Chef and Waitstaff.  His top priority is to keep the guests happy and does a fine job at it.  Tavon continues his career in Hospitality and Culinary Arts and also Models.  

Renae Marie


"The Magnet"  Renae's attractive and warm personality and ability to make others smile, keep guests returning to the bar for more. She has a natural love for wine and enjoys the experience of serving wine to guests.  Renae also works as a Leasing Consultant and Fashion Stylist, and is creating her own line of fashionable school uniforms. 



"The Equalizer"  April ensures that the Bar runs smoothly and efficiently and that guests are quickly and professionally served.  She maneuvers the bar with ease, transitioning between WineTender, Barback and Bar Monitor; she handles it all.  She has a new found love for wine and wine service and enjoys them both.  April is also a licensed Esthetician and Women's Wellness Specialist, and an Entrepreneur with a new line of body care products.   

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