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The essence of serving wine lies in enriching the moment and making it special for those partaking in it.  Our goal is to ensure that your guests have a memorable and enjoyable experience that extends beyond the quality and the taste of the wine itself. It includes the atmosphere, the company, and the service your guests receive.  We take pride in providing topnotch wine service by choosing the right wine for the occasion and pairing it with complementary flavors to presenting it in a way that enhances the overall ambiance. Our ability to transform any space, whether it's a home, venue, or corporate setting, into an amazing experience is quite rewarding to witness.  Cheers to creating memorable moments with good food and wine and great service!

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Ready to Impress Your Guests?  Our full-service event wine bar is perfect for all occasions, ranging from large corporate events to intimate private parties. Our fully equipped wine bar allows guests to enjoy a variety of wine options, and the LED feature of the bar offers a dynamic and visually appealing setup for indoor and outdoor events. 

Dinner and Chill Parties

The trend of hiring private chefs and hosting dinner parties has been on the rise. Our wine service can indeed add a sophisticated touch to both fine-dining and casual gatherings. Whether it's a formal dinner or a relaxed evening with friends, a carefully selected wine can enhance the overall dining experience.

Certified Wine Specialist

A wine specialist can enhance your wine experience as they are trained to consider the flavors and nuances of the dishes being served, as well as the preferences of the guests, to create a perfect match.

Wine service is our specialty, and we truly enjoy what we do!  Our Team is always eager to serve

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Try VinoBLU® Charcuterie Style Spread! Our spread is carefully curated to pair deliciously with your selected wines. We hand-pick fresh, seasonal fruits and premium delicatessen from local markets. The charcuterie spread is an optional extension to the wine bar, but has proven to be the most popular attraction for all types of events.

Our trained wine specialist searches and handpicks the best wines from local wineries/ vineyards and smaller, unique wine stores. These wines are carefully curated to accommodate your palate with notes that are perfect for pairing with foods served at your event. We also offer wine recommendations for your personal enjoyment, introducing wines that stimulates your palate.

How does having a few friends over for an intimate wine tasting sound? We are just the people to call.  We offer private wine tastings guided by a wine specialist at your location. The wine selections are influenced by your preferred palate.  Add our Charcuterie board to pair with your wines.   

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